Questions & Answers

Can I purchase more than one course instead of paying for a plan?

Yes, you can purchase the courses that are suitable for you to learn.  There is no restriction on you for purchasing the courses which are available to purchase seperately.

Do I get a certificate for learning a course?

You will not receieve a certificate but we may introduce it in the future.  You will learn the courses available and you can follow through the available content which will teach you to do it yourself.

Can I be a tutor?

We are always looking for tutors, please contact us, using our contact form to get in contact and we can discuss what courses you would like to teach.

Do I have to pay every year to access the courses?

There is different plans set up, one off fees, seperate courses, monthly fees and yearly.  If you choose the yearly plan, then yes.

I'm finding it hard to understand the course, can I have my money back?

We do not offer any refunds, the only time we will offer a refund, if there is a fault or issue in the content given for the course(s) and also if the person(s) have purchased more than once on the same content at the same time.

Can I download any content?

We have downloadable content as well as streaming content.  We suggest you use a fast internet connnection to enjoy your course.

Can I use credit card to pay?

Yes, simply use any card using the Paypal function.

Is there a free subscription?

Yes, simply sign up and you will be able to use all the free content available.

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