First Step

From Home page, you will see a menu at the top.  Click on courses.

From here, you will access the course page.  Please follow onto the Second Step.

Second Step

You should see now the courses page, select a course which you are happy to purchase.

From here, just to show you how it works, we will click on the “Introduction To The Human Bio Electrical System Part 1 [Individual]” course.  Please follow onto the Third Step.

Third Step – Take This Course

Now you are on this page, it will show you a description of the course and also show what content you could see, you wont be able to view the content unless you purchase the course which we will do on our next step.

From here, simply, click the button which says “Take This Course”.  Please follow onto the fourth step.

Fourth Step – Checkout

You should now be on the “Checkout” page.

From here, simply place in your billing details and either select Bank Transfer or PayPal. We recommend PayPal as it is a secure process of payment.  Please follow onto the Fifth step.

Fifth Step – Ready to take your course

Go back to the “Courses” page and click on the course you had purchased, you will see that you are now subscribed to this course, you will have access to all the content linked within this course.

From here, simply scroll down and you will see the courses content.

Sixth Step – Taking your course

Click on the title of the content also known as Lesson.

From here, it will take you to the lessons page. As shown in the Seventh step.

Seventh Step – Lesson Page

You will see the title of the Lesson, an Arrow showing next lesson, an X for closing the lesson and a button saying Mark Complete.  When you have clicked this button, it will show as Mark Incomplete.

From this page, you will be able to view any content which is part of the course, for example we see a play button.  When you click on this play button, it will take you to the video or content for this lesson.  If you are feeling unsure of this lesson and need help, simply send a question over using the Question form.

Final Step – Completed Course

When you go back to the course page you was on originally, you will see that you have completed the course.  It will show you a button view Certificate.  Click on this button to see your certficate.

Below the text and buttons, you will see the lessons you had taken, it will also show a progress bar.  This progress bar shows as full.