Rules and Regulations of Avatar Warriors

  1. Do not purchase a domain name similar to our business name and try to resell the domain to us.
  2. Do not try and hack the website or admin profile, any footprints found will be reported.
  3. Do not use fake names or avatar profile pictures when signing up, please use your own profile photo, this means a photo of yourself.
  4. Any users with a fake profile photo or fake name will be deleted.
  5. All users signed up are thoroughly checked.
  6. Do not attempt to resell our services, videos, tutorials, content and products.
  7. Do not spam the forum or use any nude, rude, unappropiate content on our forum.  Any content found which is unappropiate will be reported.
  8. Do not offend or violate each other, the owner, admin, users and visitors.
  9. Do not use offensive language.
  10. Please do not use any of the following: Sexism, Racism, Homophobic and please apply to the: The Equality Act.
  11. Do not steal our artwork, videos, photos, music, logos or designs.
  12. Do not copy our work, content or our website.
  13. Do not spam our email inbox.
  14. Stay calm, stay safe, learn and enjoy!